Tuesday, 01 February 2022 08:12


World Famous club of Albania signed with 4 Turkish players in a row !  Outside Hitters; AYSE KILIC ( 15.01.1986 - 1,83m ), Oppsite/Outside Hitter HILAL SANLI ( 19.10.1995 - 1,80m ), BUSE CETIN ( 08.02.2001 - 1,90m) and Setter ASLI KOCOGLU ( 02.10.2000 - 1,81m ) signed with PARTIZANI SC of TIRANA - ALBANIA.
President of Volleyball Branch Mr. ROGERT HUQI told that; PARTIZANI has always just one target: that's just to win the title and we will try to be as first step at the final than nobody knows who can win. We'll try to show our best performances to our fans with good quality of volleyball.