Saturday, 05 February 2022 01:30


Albanian massive Club PARTIZANI SC signed with 4 African players in a row.
African medley includes ; one of the highlight of Last African Championship; setter of Kenyan National Team BRIAN KIPKIRIU MELLY ( 06.01.1998 - 1.85 m. ) , another young highlight Ugandan Receiver-Attacker NESPAL GIDEON ANGIRO ( 02.02.2000 - 2.00 m. ), Nigerian opposite OFOROH IZUCHUKWU NWACHUKWU ( 27.05.2002 - 2.04 m. ) and Nigerian Center blocker PASCAL OZOKOYE ( 18.10.2004 - 2.06 m. ). 
The Head Coach of PARTIZANI SC YLLI TOMORRI said that; PARTIZANI became one of the strongest candidate to hold the Championship title at the end of play-offs after adoptation period African group of players ! Hopefully that project will be benefit for both Albanian and African Volleyball exchanges as well.