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Great Jumper of Benin National Team DAOUDA YAKOBOU (DAO) signed with ALANYA BELEDIYE SC of Turkish 1st League after his great performances at Qatar Super League 2019-20.
DAO ( 1.97 m. - 1995 )  also will be one of the new member of ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY for the season 2020-21 and following 4 seasons.
HAKAN KAYHAN who is Head Coach of Alanya Belediyesi SC told that; DAO will be one of the highlight of Turkish Volleyball soon and he is so proud on coach to such great talents at Alanya City under perfect management of President MEHMET EKREN and Vice President CUMHUR SENEL.
Saturday, 08 August 2020 13:36


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One of the representative of Istanbul of Turkish 1st League became too active during last days of transfer season.
BUYUKCEKMECE SC signed with experienced receiver-attackers; BUKET YILMAZ, NEFIZE BAYRAMOGLU, IRMAK KESKIN, Mid players; ECE SU TUNCA, ECEM SAHIN, Libero; PELIN ECEM KATILMIS and Head Coach INESSA KORKMAZ ( Ex. Nilufer Belediye).
President ERSEL YAZICI told that; we aimed to qualify to Play-offs and we believe our work under discipline of our new Head Coach.
METEHAN BAS who is one of the most succesfull opposite of the season 2019-20 at Turkish 1st League; signed with traditional representative of DUZCE City which has new sponsor; GLOBAL CONNECT TRAVEL ! 
METEHAN BAS ( 2.02 m. - 1996 ) who is FENERBAHCE origin trying hard to getting experience to aim the Turkish Efe's League at future seasons. 

GLOBAL CONNECT TRAVEL DUZCE club almost completed their squad by the participation of BAS.

The newcomer of Turkish 1st League SIGORTA SHOP KALECIK MUNICIPALITY CLUB signed with young talent AYCA ISMAILCELEBIOGLU who has PTT - ANKARA origin.
SIGORTA SHOP KALECIK aimed to qualify to play-offs by several interesting local transfers.
Wednesday, 01 July 2020 01:59


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The reliable receiver attacker of Turkish 1st League ESRA SEN (1988 - 1.78m OH) signed with SIGORTA SHOP KALECIK BELEDIYESI SC one year contract.

KALECIK district of ANKARA city is worldwide very well known town cause of their unique world famous KALECIK KARASI wines and wineries.

The female volleyball team also will be another important public relation attempt for our town said: Dr. DUHAN KALKAN Mayor of Kalecik Municipality.

Sunday, 28 June 2020 00:26


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Well known Club of Turkish 1st League transferred one of the highlight of the season 2019-20 .
Eczacıbashi origin opposite DILARA YERGUN was showed great performances with IZMIR BUYUKSEHIR BELEDIYE SC. And she was best scorer of the regular season at Pool A of 1st League ( The play-offs were cancelled cause of COVID-19 ).
BOLU BELEDIYE SC signed with DILARA YERGUN and became one of the favourite to qualify to Vestel Venus Sultans League of Turkey said Head Cocah SALIH YERGIN. 
Nowadays; Beach Volleyball center of Europe; Alanya City's Municipality Sports Club signed outstanding contracts with well known veteran setter, Ex. National Team Player GOKTUG SEREF ( 1.89 m. - 1988 )  and progressing outside hitter MURAT ERDOGAN ( 1.98 m. - 1999 ).
Experienced setter GOKTUG SEREF was qualified with SOLHAN VC to Turkish Efe's League and MURAT ERDOGAN was also qualified from 2nd League to 1st League with ERZIN YESILKENT SC. 
The President of ALANYA BELEDIYE SC Mr. MEHMET ERKEN told that; they'll try to show some good volleyball to Turkish Volleyball Fans and in time they aimed to build a perfect team structure to be one of the participant to Play-offs first !     
Rising young talent of SORGUN BELEDIYE SC moved to TOKAT PLEVNE BELEDIYE SC and signed 1 year aggreement.
BATI KAYHAN was one of the highlight of Turkish EFE's League during season 2019-20 which ended at the end of regular season cause of COVID-19.
Turkish top opposite DILARA BILGE signed a one-year aggreement with the Seagulls of Bosphorous . 
Istanbul's one of representative at Sultans League of Turkey; SARIYER SC returned back to top category after 3 seasons interval.
Dilara said that; I'm very happy to signed with Sarıyer. I wish to all my team mates, coaching staff, managers and Sarıyer fans a very succesfull season.
Friday, 15 May 2020 13:12


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Ugandan bomber of HYUNDAI SKYWALKERS CHEONAN of SOUTH KOREAN V-League renewed his contrat during KOVO's 2020 Try-out Draft. 2020-21 season will be the consecutive 2nd season of nicknamed OKILLER at South Korean V-League. 
OKELLO was transfered to HYUNDAI mid season of 2019-20  when HYUNDAI was 6th at ranking and finished the regular season 3rd after his participation and season ended without Play-offs at Korea due COVID-19 trouble.

Head Coach of HYUNDAI, Mr. Choi Tae-woong told that; he is happy from adoptation of DAUDI to Korean Volleyball and Korean life and Hyundai's management expect a good start and perfect finish during the season cause of the better harmony of team.

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